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Highlight Your Activities

One of the key purposes of SSHA’s research website is to highlight the amazing research that SSHA faculty are doing. We are very interested in learning about what you want to show off from your research!
For example:
  • Do you have a new book coming out?
  • Have you just received a new grant?
  • Are you excited about new experimental results and want to share them?
  • Were you recently in the news?
  • And anything else you want to highlight from your research program!
For an accurate and complete presentation of your work, all activities to be featured in SSHA Research and Scholarship News must be entered into SSHA's "Faculty Activities" webform located here. Information from the webform will be copied and pasted directly into the newsletter. In your entries, please include, where applicable, the followig information:
  • Names of all SSHA faculty members involved.
  • Identification of the lead SSHA faculty member.
  • The type of activity (e.g., publication, interview, appointment, etc.).
  • A relevant link to your work.
  • A short description of your work.
  • The full citation if the work is a publication.
We’re looking forward to reading about and highlighting your research achievements!