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Community-Engaged Research

Dear Faculty,
Please join our new UCM Community-Engaged-Research Faculty mailing list (think “listserv”). In order to share information across campus with faculty who are interested in community- engaged research, we have created an Outlook 365 distribution group for this purpose.
    Our hope is to create a space where we can share resources such as:
    * Help identifying community partners in research
    * Funding opportunities for community engaged research
    * Journals that publish community engaged research
    * Opportunities for disseminating community engaged research 
    * Scholarly case studies in community engaged research
    * Assistance with outreach activities
    * Our research that can be highlighted to the public
To join the mailing list, follow instructions here. Note, between steps 7-10 of those instructions, you will find and then join the community-engaged-research distribution group.  
Thank you for participating. Together we can tell the story of UCM’s community ties and contributions.  Please use this mailing list as a way to share and connect.
Please direct any questions about signing up to .
Additionally, if you are interested in community-based research or learning, but aren’t sure where to start or where to find support, please contact the Community Engagement Center for help with your research, teaching, and outreach needs.
    Robin DeLugan, Resource Center for Community Engaged Scholarship (ReCCES)
    Vernette Doty, Community Engagement Center
    Melinda Laroco Boehm, Office of Research Development